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So, its been awhile, I figure I'll give  you all a quick quick update... lets see, things that are randomly new in my life?

In  four days the braces that invaded my mouth three years ago are finally finally coming out -- for real! I am so incredibly excited!


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Its been awhile, hasn't it? Sorry about that... I don;t usually write here unless I have something interesting to share... and well, there' hasn't been much really. Unless you wanted to here my too happy I-have-a-boyfriend-now rant, or my complaining about the argumentative irritating people I still call my friends, etc... but now, I have something to say, I guess.

A letter came today for me, and it was odd because the address was written in my handwriting... why, you may ask? Its simple really: I got a letter from myself. I remember writing it too at rookie camp, it amuses me how much things have changed in the past few months... and yes, of course I have examples...

Letter-Jilly Begins... How has freshman year been? I bet its not nearly as scary as it looks now! Current-Jilly... agrees completley.I remember how terrified I was the first half hour... then things got okay :) Then Letter-Jilly Asks... So... did I get the straight A's I had planned to get? (Its okay of course, even if I/you/we didn't, ask long as you tried and all...) This statement just caused current Jilly... to laugh because this question came of course, a week after recieveing a near-failing midterm grade. How scary is it that I can comfort myself over a bad grade in a letter from the past exactly when I need it? So then, letter-Jilly goes on... right now I am so looking forward to starting High School and making friends and of course staying in touch with Lizzie and my Westwood friends (I did, right!?) Real- life Jilly feels sad... and contemplates for a moment how she is going to break the news to her letter-writing self... before she reazlises that the letter came from herself and so therefore she already knows that, although she made fabulous new friends... most of her old friends could care less now. About now I begin to worry about my grasp on reality... would a sane person actually contemplate responding to her letter from six months ago? I think not! But anyways... then, letter-Jill wrote... clasess, I think may for once, be fun... future Jilly... just laughs.

... Yeah, I don't think you need me to go into the rest of the two pages. But anyways, it just amused me how different everything turned out, you know? I made so many good friends at IHA when I didn't think I would, but I lost most of my old friends... also unsuspected. The funniest thing is that my boyfriend and best friend both used to be in my PRE-SCHOOL class... so in reality, I still have my oldest friends :-P Its just the Jr. High ones that mostly have abandoned me.

Aaanyways I is tired of typing so, bye for now...


(( In more current and boring news... I feel very blah today. The snow has prevented Danielle and me from hanging out and the (slightly-not-currently-so)wonderful Andrew is not IMing me back... I feel so loved :-P not. Ick.))
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So, I feel pretty stupid right now... ready for this?
I saw this cool little quiz thing ona friends site and I took it like six times...

poetry is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

I also got writing, rascal flatts, the beatles, etc. So, after about ten tries, I'm sitting @ my computer in awe at how well this thing knows me. Then I looked at andreas again... and I happened to look at her intrests. Duh! The reason this thing managed to pick oll of my favorite things was because it was taking stratght off my intests list. How stupid am I? :-P

Yeah... I just felt like sharing. Anyways, later all its time to endure a few days of the hell-on-earth that is my Cousin Maddie. Joy.

<3 Jill

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Hello Again , I hope I didn't scare anyone who actually reads this away with that depressing little rant from last time. I honsetly don't know what was the matter with me that day -- I'm usually such a happy person!

Anyways, I've been wrapping presents and cleaning all day so I am too tired to be funny. This is just a quick little note to say Merry Christmas before i dissapear again for another week or so as I always do. So...



<3 Jill


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I want a best friend, I want a boyfriend. I want someone to accept me completley for who I am. Do you think, if thats all I asked for for Christmas, I'd get it? I doubt it.

The thing is latley, I've been though so many false-starts I think my hopes are permanantly smashed. I mean, lets review just this year...

  • I ask out the guy I have liked for years, 100% positive he'll want to be more than friends... he doesn't.
  • I lose my  Best Friend "Forever" Liz around September when I change schools and she decides to turn into another person.
  • The guy I liked starts acting as if he might care... tells me he loves me... but was just kidding.
  • Patch things up with best friend just to find out she's gone though a personality makover and has nothing in common w. me anymore.

-- I think I'm done with that list ... I shouldn't be complaining. I have tons of great friends who all love me,  but at the same time I feel so lonley. Cause the fact is, I need them more than they need me. I didn't see that @ Westwood where I was the "solver of all problems" and everyone needed me... but now that I've left, and they're managin on their own I'M the one breaking own and being comforted... but I never could figure out why I was so upset, until I was writing this and I realized... I don't have a best friend anymore.

I want someone who likes me best of all, you know? Like Liz did before Cat. Like Kristen did before she got popular. Like Jen did before god-knows what happened. Like Jackson did before he dumped me because he's a loser.

This was supposed to be a funny article explaining why I deserve a boyfriend for christmas. I have no idea when my emotional self kicked in and killed this, sorry... I'll post something happy and funny tomorrow. At least I wrote...

<3 Jill


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I have been so freakin' happy latley I just had to share. I mean, I've been happy before but not like this annoyingly, disgustingly cheerful... so I have gone and comiled a list (I like lists) about things that make me happy. Why? Because. Because why? Because I can.

The Happy List

  • z100 Playing a GOOD Song
  • Having Roughly 17 Pounds of Candy in my House (Can Also go on the "Why I am so FAT List")
  • My Halloween Costume Actually Turning out Cool-ish
  • Talking to Andrew on AIM
  • Getting Really High First Quarter Averages Back from Random Classes
  • Liturgy. And Religion Class. And Religion in General
  • FINALLY Figuring Out What Mr. Mac is Going on About in Class
  • Kerry Winning (Cross Your Fingers)
  • The. Candy. In. My. Kitchen.

Okay, Thats it, I need sugar... maybe I'll continue later...


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Jess, your entry got me thinking (never a good thing...) and now, I think it is time for me, to try to figure out, again, exacly what label would I even fall under?

We can cross off jock, and 'in crowd' right of the bat, my lack of co-ordination and dilkie of anything fake make it hard for me to fall into this category.

I'm not goth. I am a happy person. Don't get me wrong, I get sad sometimes but I don't think I'm one of thoes depressed-but-denying it people. I have nothing to make me miserable, nothing that'd make me want to waer black and hate the world every day (I mean everyone has a day or two when they feel this way, but not alll the time...) In short, my life is good. The most gothic thing about me are my poems...

I would hope I don't just get completley shoved into the 'geeky' box because, although I loooove computers and reading and yes, even school at times, I'm not your typical huge-glasses wearing can't-talk-about-anything-not-school-related person.

At my old school, it was funny to watch people try and box me up, and decide where I fit in. It was funny, simply because they couldn't do it. Unless they just decided to call me an 'outcast' or whatever because I didn't choose my friends based on the tags of their clothing or how fast they could run a mile. 0.o

I guess I'm just me? Or not... if you know me, feel free to correct me :)


Movie Reviews

Quote of Today-

Random Old Dude w. Cell Phone- How old are you? (To Danielle)

Danielle- Too young for you!

(Heh… that was funny, all these guys were flirting w. Danielle and I was just standing there laughing)

So. Since I have seen so many movies this weekend (two to me exact but thats not the point) I have decided to do some movie reviews because I am borded.

Cellular- I have never seen a thriller before. And never wanted to but I will admit this was good. There was actually a rather entertaining plot, with a few twists and turns along the way and some hilarious moments. ("Ricky! Ricky Martin? Is he in here!?" Or the lawyer dude! Xd) The hero-dude was an idiot of course. There were so many times he could have just used his brain and saved the woman and her family but being a retard he didn't. I had a good time w. Danielle and Andrew too. But the westwood theater must die. I put my purse on the floor and there was this icky sticky smelly crap there... I also slipped on it when I stood up. Thank god Andrew caught my bag that went flying when I flew and I caught myself when I went flying. Anyways that was fun, moving on...

Hero- I never thought I would like a movie with subtitles and fighting but this was really cool! That was a cool plot, and stuff. I can't really explain much because it was a rather confusing part so all I am going to say here is: GO SEE IT! The fighting scenes wer reeeeeeaaallly cool. Especially the archery scenes, that was awesome. And I loved the story between Flying Snow and Broken Sword, it was so romantical (yes I made up a word...) Thanks Jessica for inviting me to see it, I'm reeeeally glad I went :)

The Princess Diaraies 2- I saw this twice, once with lizzie, Andrea, cait, Erin etc. and once with my evil cousin Maddie. This is pure Disney nothingness princessy fluff and I loved it. Yeah, thats about all I have to say. The moose part was hilarious and watching it with Andrea while being obnoxiously nosiy in the back was the most fun I had had at the movies in a loong time (we were screaming things at the screen and lauhing reeeeeally loud.)

Anyways, its late and I need sleep. TTFN!


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